Welcome to Thor Juice Ltd

We would like to introduce you to an established, exciting brand of e-liquid to add to your inventory! Whether your target customers are starter or advanced users, we’ve got it covered.

Thor Juice e-liquid is made under strict, sterile conditions at a location that provides a quality decontamination facility. Our team of mixologists just adds the magic by creating and developing the wonderful flavours that bring Thor Juice to life!


What makes Thor Juice and the reasons we are trusted as suppliers:

• UK pharmaceutical grade nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin provided by UK based companies.

• We use a HIGH percent of flavouring carefully sourced from the UK and USA.

• A partnership with an established, recognised and highly respected brand.

• Members of EECBA (European Electronic Cigarette Business Association)

• Fully equipped cleanroom facility with HEPA filtration, Air Change Rate and Room Pressure Differential.

• Fully CHIP compliant.

• Regulated, tested and batch traceable

• Extremely competitive pricing.

• Quick response delivery.

• UK based sales and support team.

• We bring the latest products to the market and keep our finger on the pulse of the rapidly growing e-liquid industry.

So if you are an established e-cig / e-juice vendor and would like to add another exciting e-juice to your collection please contact us.

For more details please send us an email via info@thorjuice.co.uk with your details and we will contact you.

Or simply register with us then we can process your account, you will then be able to shop online with wholesale prices.

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