Thor Juice Catalog

Thor Juice

Thor juice is a developed e-juice produced in our laboratory. It was founded in May 2013 and has proved immensely popular, outselling our regular juice brands! We found the demand for different flavours of e-juice was on the up, people were getting bored of the same old flavours being churned out, so we listened to what our customers wanted and then met their demands by introducing Thor juice.


A rich deep vape. A good hard throat hit and an excellent mixer!


A refreshing mouthwatering apple bite. A great mix with tobacco for that lush Shisha taste!


A great vape on its own, fresh ripe bananas. An excellent mixer too, why not try it with caramel or butterscotch for the yummy Banoffee taste!


This bubblicious fruity mix is a winner. An old skool classic.

Black Ice

A dark flavoursome blackjack vape with the ice cold menthol shining through makes this a perfect combination.

Bat Juice

Full of fantastic fruity berries with a cooling undertone. If your friend has this vape it’s one they will be Robin!


A beautifully rich, sweet vape on it’s own or a perfect mixing companion. There are endless mixing options with Caramel. Perfect with vanilla for the ultimate sweet but subtle vape


The taste of the Caribbean in a lush tropical vibe vape! A “Must Mix” with pineapple its perfect partner.


An any-time vape, not just for your morning boost. A rich lush full bodied coffee flavour!

Chronos Custard

You always have time on your side when it comes to Chronos Custard. Not only is he the god of time but the god of custard. Once you try this one you will feel the wrath of Chronos pausing time puzzling you to the magic that has just occurred in your mouth as you exhale the deep rich tones of vanilla custard. A must for any dessert lover!

Dr Who

Every bit as good as the drink. Who is? What is? This is. What’s the worst that could happen?

Dragons Blood

A gothic infusion of 6 different flavours. Red berries with a twist of dark illusion. This one’s berry berry nice! Try if you dare!

Exotic Tropic

Jazz up your life with the Exotic Tropic. A mixture of tropical island fruit flavours guaranteed to take your breath away.


Sweet and seductive! It’s a sunshine mix of ripe juicy strawberries and deep peach sweetness with a coconut exhale.

Fuzzy Duck

A unique mix of 5 secret flavours. A fruity, fizzy blend of gorgeousness. One of our best sellers sending people quackers! Can you guess what’s in it? Can you duck!

Jack Black

Jack Black is great for all black jack lovers. Hard hitting and mouth watering. JACK BLACK GET BACK!

Kola Kisses

Another big favourite! That old Skool Kola Bottles taste with a sweet flavour that will make you smile, or kiss someone sweet?

Lemon Sherbet

This is definitely one for serious sweetie lovers who enjoy a bold sweet sharp vape. The predominant flavour of sharp but sweet Lemon on the intake remains in the mouth and on the exhale, giving a vape that is flavour perfect! Just like the fizzy boiled lemon sweets.


As it says in the name, a sweet mellow fluffy pillow if gently oozy lushness. An excellent mixer.


A classic flavour! A good clean menthol hit. Not too strong, not too sweet, just the perfect blend! Great on its own or add a squeeze to jazz up any flavour! Great with dark Cherry for the perfect Cherry Menthol!


A lush mix of menthol and eucalyptus that leaves you with a cold icy punch. Great for blocked up noses.

Menthol Ice

A cool, sharp, crisp, cold flavour perfect for you menthol heads!

Orange Tic Tacs

That perfect deep orange tang with a sweet sharpness. A beautiful flavour alone or a great mixer. Everyone loves an Orange Tic Tac!


A fresh explosion on your taste buds! The clean fresh burst of mint with the slightly sharp deep flavour of peppermint in the background.

Rainbow Fruit

The whole spectrum of fruity flavours in one bottle! A flavour that will take you somewhere over the rainbow. You name it, it’s in it!


Sweet juicy raspberries with a slight sensational tang sure to make your mouth dribble! Mix it up with white chocolate for a great mix too.

Rhubarb & Custard

That perfect mix, the sharp fresh rhubarb accompanied by the creamy sweetness of the scrummy custard!


The clean, fresh taste of mint with the subtle sweetness of spearmint. Slightly reminiscent of the chewing gum and a great throat hit!


The Queen of the fruits has been truly honoured with this beautiful blend, bursting with the sweet and juicy flavour of sweet Strawberry. So good you could put a large blob of fresh cream on it! Strawberry flavour is a winner every time!

Strawberry Lime

Fantastic combination of sweet strawberry and zingy lime. Like yin & yang.

Strawberry Milkshake

The sweet, rich yet creamy taste from Strawberry Milkshake will bring back sweet childhood memories. This flavour is causing a stir. Yum!

Tobacco Gold

A strong tobacco with a mild but full flavoured woody after taste often referred to as a Gold B&H taste. An excellent mixer with Apple or Cherry for a luxurious Shisha vape.

Tobacco Ice

A rich unusual flavour. A strong blend of robust tobacco with icy cold menthol. Tobacco and Menthol addicts will love it!

Tobacco Red

A slightly softer version of the American Gold. A mild tobacco flavour with woody undertones often referred to as a red Marlboro taste. Our most popular tobacco flavour.

Thor Y 5

The new improved Thor Y 4. Mild yet smooth smeet tobaco flavour is ideal for those who miss the pleasures of an traditional cigarette. The light tobacco aroma curbs cravings whilst the sweet aftertaste fulfills those with a sweet tooth.


The fresh leafy taste that is Golden Virginia. Every rollies dream blend, with a subtle tobacco after taste. A light, but not overpowering blend.

Wobbly Goblin

A sharp, tangy blackcurrant and citrus flavour that gets those taste buds tingling unleashing the goblin inside you!


Hailing from the depths of Eastbourne, Loki is a high VG E-Liquid so it goes wihtout saying that vapout production is immense. A genuine hand crafted gourmet range of E-Liquid, Loki tirelessly scours the globe for the best flavours available with complex and multifaceted layers combining classic flavours with a few majestic twists to royally tantalize your taste buds.


Ares returns from battle with the fruits of his labour, a taste to make the heavens jealous, a delectable blend of strawberry fruit & creamy vanilla bean ice cream. With no one flavour overpowering the other, the balance is perfect leaving a blissfully delicious blend of mouth watering magic.


Plunge into the depths of the underworld! The rich aroma of dark berries blended with a hint of sweet almond and cinnamon envelop the senses and bring the flavour to life, a gift from the God of the Underworld himself for those who seek an experience like no other.


Dare to taste the wicked embrace of Medusa, a potion of godly measure that will transform your tastebuds with a sinister blend of fruity sweets, citrus and an underlining anise spice. This one will leave only the foolhardy with a heart of stone.


Embark on a journey to the heavens & let your taste buds take flight with Pegasus. The Vanilla cream filled milky way is rich, smooth & certainly one for the sweet toothed & quite possibly the ultimate all day dessert vape.


Storm the ocean alongside Poseidon with this sweet, tart Blueberry cheesecake combined with a splash of creamy peanut butter & a wave of crisp hazelnuts. Taste the tide & clash with this titans trident. A palatial dessert vape.